Are a Hundred Playing You? Or Just One? – Xiang Jing 2006-2007

Are a Hundred Playing You? Or Just One? – Xiang Jing 2006-2007

Exhibition Period
03 Nov 2007 - 20 Nov 2007
Opening Hours
3 Nov 2007


1968        born in Beijing. Currently living and working in Shanghai

1984-1988        Graduated from the High School of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing.
1990-1995        Graduated from the Sculpture Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, B.A.


1995-1999        Art Editor, "Popular Cinema Magazine", China Film Association, China.
1999-2007        Teacher at sculpture studio of Fine Arts College, Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai.
2007-        Artist of X+Q Sculpture Studio


2007        "Are a Hundred Playing You? Or Just One? –Xiang Jing 2006-2007", ESLITE GALLERY,

                Taipei,  Taiwan

2006        "Your Body – Xiang Jing 2000 - 2005", Shanghai Art museum, Shanghai, China.

2005        "Keep In Silence", China Art Seasons Gallery, Beijing, China.

2003        "Women In The Mirror", Chinese European Art Center, Xiamen, China.
               "Art of Xiang Jing", Mead Art (Tuan Cheng) Gallery, Beijing, China.

2001        "Day Dream – Solo Exhibition", IVY bookstore, Shanghai, China.

2007        "Zhi Lu Wei Ma", San Shang Art, Beijing
               "She & I", China Square, New York, USA
               "Ge An Guan Huo", Evangelische Studierendengemeinde (Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Haus),

                Kassel, Germany
               "What’s Next?-Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition", Hong Kong City Hall, Hong Kong
               "Drift-2007 Huadong District’s invited Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition",

                Art Space of Fine Arts college of Shanghai University, Shanghai
               "Art Lan Asia", ZAIM Yokohama, Japan
               "Top 10 Chinese Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition", Asia Art Center, Beijing
               "Tanah Air: Seni Patung dan Lingkungan", Pakuwon City Complex – Surabaya, Indonesia

2006        "Women in a society of double-sexuality", Bangkok, Tang Contemporary Art Center
               "Soliloquy – China-Indonesia contemporary Sculpture exhibition", Jakarta,

                Indonesian National Gallery
               "Floweriness”, Songzhuang Art Museum, Beijing
               "Art in Motion", MoCA Shanghai, Shanghai
               "China Now", ESSL Collection of contemporary Art, Vienna, Austria
               "Entry Gate: Chinese Aesthetics of Heterogeneity", MoCA Shanghai, Shanghai
               "Jiang Hu", Jack Tilton Gallery, New York, USA.

2005        "Extravagant Age: Sculpture Prognostication - Chinese Contemporary Outdoors

                Sculpture Art Exhibition", Hai Yi Chang Zhou Storied Building, Tian Jin, China
               "Sculpture a Century", Shanghai Sculpture Space, Shanghai
               "In the Deep of Reality: A Case of Chinese Contemporary Art, Liu He Underground

                Carbarn, Hangzhou, China
               "Multiple Definition/Imaginary Community Contemporary Art Exhibition", the compound

                center of WanKe crystal City, Tianjin, China
2004        "Dreams of the Dragon’s Nation - Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition", Irish Museum of

                Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland.
               "MMAC Art College Performance Festival 2004", Aizu-Mishima / Tokyo, Japan.
               "Witness - Sculptures by Xiang Jing and Guangci”, He Xiangning Art Museum,

                Shenzhen, China.
               "Take a Walk" series show, Doland Art museum, Shanghai, China.
               "China • Imagination: Chinese Contemporary Sculptural Art Exhibition", Jardin de

                Tuileries, Paris, France.

2003        "New Zone - Chinese Art", Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Warzaw, Poland.
               "Sculptures by Xiang Jing and Guangci", Casas-Museu da Taipa, Macau, China.
               "XII Inner Spaces" Multimedia Festival, CCA Inner Spaces, Poznan, Poland.
               "Different Choices - Born in the 60s", Peninsula Gallery, Shanghai, China.
               "The Third Shanghai Young Sculptors Invitation Exhibition", Century Plaza,

                Nanjing Road, Shanghai, China.
               "Exoteric Era - The 50th Anniversary of Chinese National Art Gallery",

                Chinese National Art Gallery, Beijing

2002        "Xiang Jing•Guangci 2002 - Mirror Image" ,Invisible Gallery, Shanghai, China.

2001        "The Standards of Chinese Contemporary Sculptures", Shanghai Museum, Shanghai, China.
               "The Patter of Pearls on Jade Plate - Sculptures Invitation Show",

                Invisible Gallery, Shanghai, China.
               "Chinese Myths - Contemporary Art Exhibition", Yidian Gallery, Shanghai, China.
               "The First Jingwen Art Exhibition", Jingwen Art Centrality, Shanghai, China.
               "2001 Salon d’ automne", Espace Auteuil, Paris, France.
               "The 32nd Grosse Kunst Ausstellung Dusseldorf", Eingang Nord, Dusseldorf, Germany.
               "Framed Samples - The 1st Chengdu Art Biennale", Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum,

                Chengdu, China.

2000        "Chinese Contemporary Sculptures Invitation Exhibition", Tsingtao Sculptural Art

                Gallery, Tsingtao, China.
               "Shanghai Youth Art Exhibition”, Liu-Haisu Art Gallery, Shanghai, China.
               "Youth Sculptor Invitation Exhibition", co-organized by the West Lake Art Gallery,

                Shengzhen College of Sculpture and Tsingtao Sculpture Gallery, China.
               "Sea Level - Paintings & Sculptures Invitation Exhibition 2000", Liu-Haisu Art

                Museum, Shanghai, China.
               "Conversations with Henry Moore - Sculpture Invitation Exhibition" in Guangdong

                Art Gallery, Guangzhou, China.
1999        "Journey to the End of Century – The 2nd Exhibition", New Space-ART Express,

                Beijing, China.
               "The Ninth National Art Exhibition", National Art Gallery, Beijing, China.
               "Chinese Sculptures Annual Exhibition", He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen, China.
               "Oil Paintings & Sculptures by Teachers from the Fine Art college, Shanghai

                Normal University", Gallery of Fine Art college, Shanghai University,

                Shanghai, China.
               "The Century Gate - Invitation Exhibition of Chinese Art from 1979 - 1999",

                Chengdu Modern Art Gallery, Chengdu, China.

1998        "Century •Female", Chinese National Art Gallery, Beijing, China.
               "Connotation", Pearl Gallery, Beijing, China.
               "October Exhibition for Beijing Youth Sculptors", Gallery of Central Academy of

                Fine Arts, Beijing, China.
               "Contemporary Sculptural Art Annual Exhibition", He Xiangning Art Gallery,

                Shenzhen, China.
               "Chinese Artists Exhibition", Zurichsee-Auktionen Gallery, Switzerland.
               "Platform for Both Genders", Taida Contemporary Art Museum, Tianjin, China.

1995        "The Four-Girl Show in March", Modern Art Gallery, Beijing, China.
               "Graduate Show of Central Academy of Fine Arts 1995", gallery of Central

                Academy of Fine Arts,Beijing,China
                First prize of "The Oka-matsu Family Fund", Japan
               "Chinese Women Artists Invitation Exhibition", Chinese National Art Gallery,

                Beijing, China.

Shanghai Art Museum
The Saatchi Gallery
Central Academy of Fine Arts

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