CHEN Hsia-yu

CHEN Hsia-yu

1917        Born in Longjing Township, Taichung County
2000        Passed away at age 83
1935        Enrolled in the department of sculpture of Tokyo Fine Arts School under

                CHEN Hui-Kun’s recommendation, and studied with Tetsuya MIZUTANI 
1936        Transferred to sculptor and Japanese Art Academy member Koyu FUJII’s studio to

                further his studies 
1941        Joined Taiyang Exhibition with PU Tian-sheng after a sculpture section was established
1946        Took up a teaching position at Taichung Normal School in November
1947        Appointed as a member of the review committee of “The Second Taiwan Exhibition” 
                Resigned from teaching position in June 
                Withdrew from Taiyang Art Association after participating in “The 11th Taiyang Exhibition”
1948        Appointed as a member of the review committee of “The Third Taiwan Exhibition” 
1949        Resolutely withdrew from the review committee of Taiwan Exhibition 
1981        Completed Nude Woman (sitting) while in Japan 
1969        Began making Buddha Head (cement, unfinished)
1968        Completed Relief of Two Buffaloes 
1965        Completed Statue of YIN Zhong-rong and Statue of the President of Taipei Yang Ping

                High School
1964        Completed Nude Woman 7 (reclining) 
1963        Completed Relief of Confucius (large) 
1962        Completed Relief of Confucius (small) and Statue of LU Shi-ming 
1961        Completed Relief of Confucius Expressing Intent on Nongshan
1960        Completed Christ on the Cross, Nude Woman 5, Dancing Dragon Lantern, Nude Woman 6 
1959        Completed Saint relief, Dog and Statue of Father-in-law 2  
1958        Completed Ballerina
1957        Completed Relief of Five Buffaloes, Sacred Guanyin and Statue of Uncle 
1956        Completed Statue of Madam YANG and Buddha relief 
1954        Completed Baseball relief
1953        Completed Statue of Shu 
1952        Completed Golf round relief (one large and one small) 
1951        Completed Statue of Standing Farmer and Statue of Father-in-law 1 
1950        Completed Relief of Three Buffaloes (stone)  
1948        Completed Nude Woman 2, Cat and Statue of Tea Merchant 
1947        Completed Nude Woman 3 (exhibited in Taiyang Exhibition) and Statue of Standing Nude Man
1946        Completed Head Sculpture of YANG Ji-xian, Statue of LIN Chao-chi  (a geology professor at

                National Taiwan University)
1944        Completed Nude Woman 1, temporarily kept by Mrs. GU Wei-fu  and was able to avoid


                during the war; borrowed back after the war to make bronze work replicas
1940        Completed Bust of GU Xianrong 
1939        Completed Standing Statue of GU Xianrong and Head Sculpture of a Woman 
1937        Completed Reclining Woman 
1936        Completed Standing Statue of YANG Ru-sheng, Nude Woman study; imitated Tetsuya


                style to complete General Naimu (cherry wood) 
1935        Completed works, including Grandmother, Hatching
1997        "CHEN Hsia-yu Solo Exhibition", ESLITE GALLERY, Taipei, Taiwan 
1979        "Small Works", Spring Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
               "Small Works" (in celebration of the 90th anniversary of Taichung government),

                his first exhibition, Cultural Foundation, Taichung, Taiwan

2010        "Perfection‧Serenity‧Substance‧Unrestraint" CHEN Hsia-yu, HSIUNG Ping-ming, HSIA Yan

                Sculpture Exhibition, ESLITE GALLERY, Taipei, Taiwan 
1995        "In Retrospect and Reflection—228 Memorial Exhibition", Taipei Fine Arts Museum,

                Taipei, Taiwan  
1982        Invited to participate in the "Pacific Exhibition" in Japan 
1981        Invited by Japanese sculptor Yasuharu SHIRAI to participate in the "Pacific Exhibition"

                in Japan 
1948        Exhibited two Nude Woman and one Buffalo relief in "The First South Taiwan Exhibition" 
1947        Exhibited Buffalo in "The 11th Taiyang Exhibition" 
                Exhibited Head Sculpture YANG Ji-sheng in "The Second Taiwan Exhibition" 
1946        Exhibited Rabbit and Nude Woman as the review committee member of "The First

                Taiwan Exhibition" 
1945        Exhibited Nude Woman 1 in “The First Japan Exhibition” and "Brazilian

                International Exhibition" 
1942        Exhibited two works including Shizuko in "The 8th Taiyang Exhibition" 
1941        Received the honor of "permanent exemption from review" and participated in the "Japanese

                Imperial Salon" with Statue of Standing Nude Woman 
1940        After Bath selected into the "Japanese Imperial Salon" 
1939        Hair selected into the "Japanese Imperial Salon"
1938        Nude Woman selected into the "Japanese Imperial Salon"
1941        Sitting Statue selected by the Japanese "Sculptor Association Exhibition"; received

                the Association Award and was endorsed to receive membership 
Statue of Standing Farmer, collected by Taiwan Cooperative Bank, Taipei, Taiwan 
Statue of a Saint relief, collected by Sanmin Road Catholic Church, Taichung, Taiwan 
Dancing Dragon Lantern, collected by Taiwan Cement Co., Ltd. 
Relief of Confucius Expressing Intent on Nongshan, collected by National Cingshuei Senior High School,

Taichung County, Taiwan 

1997        "CHEN Hsia-yu Solo Exhibition", ESLITE GALLERY, Taipei, Taiwan 



2010        "Perfection‧Serenity‧Substance‧Unrestraint" CHEN Hsia-yu, HSIUNG Ping-ming, HSIA Yan

                Sculpture Exhibition, ESLITE GALLERY, Taipei, Taiwan 

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