PAN Yulin

PAN Yulin

Renowned as the first Chinese female modern artist established firmly in the Western art scene, Pan Yulin’s art is bold and firm in terms of both her brushstrokes and ambition. Nevertheless, feminine quality and consciousness were never lost in her work. Received academic training in Shanghai and Paris, Pan's works demonstrate techniques from the Fauvism and Impressionist schools of art but always retained an individual style of her own which displayed the unmistakable characteristics of traditional Chinese painting. Pan's works can be found in the Asian art collections of well-known French museums, including Musée Cernuschi, Musée National d'Art Moderne and Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. When she passed away, she had bequeathed to the Anhui Museum in China several thousand of her original works and sketches, as a tribute to her native village. 

Born in Tongcheng, Anhui Province, China 
2008        "A Special Exhibition of Pan Yu-liang's Work Focused on Feminine Appeal",Suzhou Museum,

                Suzhou, China
1963        "PAN Yuliang", New York, US
                "PAN Yuliang", San Francisco , US
1957        "PAN Yuliang", Galerie d'Orsay, France
1956        "PAN Yuliang", Greece
1954        "PAN Yuliang", London, UK
1953        "PAN Yuliang", Galerie d'Orsay, France
1947        "PAN Yuliang", UK
1929-36        5 solo exhibitions, Nanjing, China 
1928        "PAN Yuliang", Shanghai, China 
2014        "Breeze from Paris", ESLITE GALLERY, Taipei, Taiwan 
1973        Société du Salon Violet, France
1967        Special Group Exhibition of Contemporary Artists, New York, US
                Société du Salon Violet, France
1959        Salon d'Automne, France
1957        The 4th National Art Exhibition of the Republic of China, Taipei, Taiwan
1947        Salon des Independants, France
                Salon d'Automne, France
1946        Salon d'Automne, France
1945        "Chinese Paintings", Ecole nationale supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris, Paris, France
                Salon des Independants, France
                Salon d'Automne, France
1944        Salon des Independants, France
                Salon d'Automne, France
1940        Salon des Independants, France
1939        Salon des Independants, France
1938        Salon, France
1929        The First National Art Exhibition, Shanghai, China
1927        International Art Exhibition, Italy 
1926        Roman International Art Exhibition, Rome, Italy 
1925        Exhibition of Bureau of Education, Nanjing, China
1975        Chevalier dans l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, France
1967        Belgium Gold Prize, Belgium
1959        Paris Gold Prize, Paris, France 
1958        Belgium Silver Prize, Belgium
1945        National Gold Prize, France
1927        Gold Prize, International Art Exhibition, Italy
1926        Gold Prize, Roman International Art Exhibition, Rome, Italy




2014        "Breeze from Paris", ESLITE GALLERY, Taipei, Taiwan 

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